Kevin Childs

Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
  1130E Molecular Plant Sciences Building
  (517) 884-6926


Kevin Childs is a Fixed Term Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Biology is also a member of the new Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science. Kevin received his Ph.D. in Plant Physiology and an M.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University where he worked on flowering time in sorghum and participated in some of the first genomics research in sorghum. Before coming to MSU, Kevin worked on the Rice Genome Annotation Project and the OryzaSNP Project at The Institute for Genomic Research.

The researchers in the Childs Lab work in a number of areas of plant science. The lab's goals in genomics include the annotation of new plant genomes, the improvement of genome annotation procedures and comparative genomics. Systems biology is used to provide insight into the function of genes and gain insight into developmental and physiological processes. A particular focus of the lab is the study of physiological responses related to drought and salt stress.

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