One mission of the Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science is to provide bioinformatics support to plant science researchers at MSU. Plant scientists with questions about how to analyze their data sets themselves may contact Kevin Childs for consulation. Researchers may also ask for analyses of experiments to be run for them. There are no fees for these services. Faculty who are writing grant proposals for projects that will require a substantial bioinformatics component are encouraged to contact Kevin regarding ways that the Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science can aid the proposal with an agreement to provide computational expertise.

Available Analyses

  • Genome Assembly
  • Genome Annotation
  • Gene Functional Description Assignment
  • Gene Ortholog Analysis
  • Gene Ontology Assignment
  • Transcriptome Assembly
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Systems Biology Analysis
  • Genetic Marker Identification
  • Sequence Alignment
  • Genotyping

If you are interested in a type of analysis that is not listed here, please contact Kevin Childs to discuss your computational needs.