Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science

The Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science is a new initiative at MSU focused on supporting and enabling genomics approaches in basic and applied plant science research across campus. The Center’s mission is to provide, through collaborations and consultations, support for MSU plant science faculty in the area of genomics, bioinformatics, genetics, and breeding. A goal of the Center is to aid the MSU plant science community with bioinformatics expertise and to bring new opportunities for international agricultural collaborations to MSU.

The current faculty members of the Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science are Kevin Childs and Cholani Weebadde. Kevin Childs is an expert in genomics and bioinformatics, and he provides bioinformatic consultation and computational services to MSU plant science researchers. Cholani Weebadde is an expert in genetics, breeding and biotechnology. Cholani has many years of experience in international agriculture and education/outreach with international researchers, and she works with MSU scientists to expand their international agricultural research presence.

The Center for Genomics-Enabled Plant Science is funded by Office of the Provost.